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Abdulateef Gafar

a software developer and researcher, and I am glad to have you here. Feel free to explore my page and learn more about my experience and the type of professional service I render.

Who I am ...
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Abdulateef is a graduate student at the University of British Columbia (UBC) with a passion for programming, modelling, and automation. He his also an environmentalist who advocates for sustainable practice and adoption of disruptive technologies. Being a self-taught developer with over 2 years experience in software development, Abdulateef has worked on individual projects and also collaborated with other developers to deliver seamless backend service for both mobile and web applications. His tech stack mainly includes Python, Nodejs and Java for backend development, and ReactJs for client side development.

What I do
My Specialty
Frontend Development

Using HTML and CSS, I build beautiful UI for web applications. I also use Javascript, React and EJS templating to develop clean interfaces and provide outstanding user experience for websites.

Backend Development

I setup standard backend architecture, database models (SQL and NoSQL) and CI/CD workflows. I write APIs, develop microservices, containerize them and ensure proper deployment on server.


I have a good understanding of OOP principles, utilizing classes and methods to translate real world objects into software models that are easier to manage and categorise.

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